2019 April, Mamut Art Project / Istanbul, TR

2019 March, ‘30 x 40’ Artprint Group Exhibition / Istanbul, TR

2019 March, ‘Fast Kotzen’ Group Exhibition / Leipzig, GR

2019 Feb, ‘Unfinished Hase’ Group Exhibition / Leipzig, GR

2019 Jan-March, Pilotenkueche Residency / Leipzig, GR

2018 October, ‘RJNR’ Solo Exhibition / Çanakkale, TR

2016 October, Space Debris, CI / Istanbul, TR

2015 October, Space Debris, CI / Istanbul, TR

2014 March, ‘Kozmos’ Space Debris / Istanbul, TR


My interest in Earth as an organism and its transfer in an intuitional way is the focus of my works.

By using relative abstraction and process I study; the cultural and ecological synergies, power dynamics on real magnitudes and subjects about geological oppression in the governance of humanity.

I examine; oddities that appear among Leaf-like fragile forms, geology as a woman’s body, functions that are ascribed to the natural mechanism as much as the flesh; by using the manipulation of the natural with fiction, which reaches up from an individualist to a social scale.

With this interaction approach, I seek to ask questions, uncloak the social structures, expend our understanding and modify the relation we have with the Organism Earth.