Ece Cangüden graduated from Istanbul Ticaret University, in the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. In Germany Stuttgart HFT University she participated in Dream Factory and University Shines projects.

By discovering new materials in the architectural design studio she worked at and with her designer background’s unconventional perspective, she created many 2 or 3 dimensional works on various platforms. Hence her start to the practice, she passed on the ritual of her works on using the coincidence of different planes, fluidity and undefined forms to many, in the workshops she set up in her atelier.

In 2014, her first exhibition “Kozmos” took place in Space Debris Gallery. In 2015 and 2016 her works were exhibited in the Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair. She continues her practice in her Atelier in Istanbul, Besiktas.


Thinking via action.

My interest in Earth as an organism and its transfer in an intuitional way is the focus of my works.

By using relative abstraction and process I study; the cultural and ecological synergies, power dynamics on real magnitudes and subjects about geological oppression in the governance of humanity.

I examine; oddities that appear among Leaf-like fragile forms, geology as a woman’s body, functions that are ascribed to the natural mechanism as much as the flesh; by using the manipulation of the natural with fiction, which reaches up from an individualist to a social scale.

With this interaction approach, I seek to ask questions, uncloak the social structures, expend our understanding and modify the relation we have with the Organism Earth.